classy but trashy.

get this little sleezy bitch away from me


oh my gosh you are so freaking dumb

why does everyone hate me

you know what f-ck you i’m tired of all these biotches on my shit

whenever i mentally tell you to ‘get out bitch no one like you’, i actually mean ‘damn i’m jealous’

tis me :D

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angryfob replied to your post: tries to get started on project due tomorrow …

wait youre not at home at like 2?           

LOL i meant i left it at school and my stupid school doesnt know what computers and the internet are so they dont post flying shit online so i canntntnnesdaujkefksfd

i dont remember if its like a lot or a little because of reasons

i think i’ll probs just ditch first period tomorrow so i can work on it

guh ;_; 

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yesterday after practice, i kinda just buckled down and started crying. i really wanted to just bawl my eyes out, but there were people. i had my mind on things i’d rather not talk about during practice and after i was kinda just hit by things in my head. i wanted to go to the back and cry and pray. and it sucks because no one’s really there to listen, there’s no one around that i trust and know well enough to listen to what i’m feeling.

and on the other hand,

i tell myself that i’m okay, i can survive, i just have to keep trucking along because in the end it’s just me. because i don’t need anyone else and no one will be there. i have to be my own inspiration, i have to be my own motivation because in the end

it’s just me.